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Benefits you get using
Smartest Electric Vehicle Chargers by EVtrip

Faster | Sustainable | Cost efficient | Painless

Charge your electric vehicle x4 times faster without upgrading your energy counter

EVtrip smart charger constantly measures consumption of your home/business, electric vehicle, renewable generation you might have, then taking into account power limit agreed with your energy provider EVtrip Smart Charger automatically defines the highest charging power to charge your car in shortest time possible.

As a result 100% of power available is completely utilised for EV charging and effective charging time is reduced by up to x4 times if you have renewable sources of energy and up to x2 times if you don't have them. In both cases you benefit a lot from power management functionality provided by EVtrip Smart Chargers.

P.S. No upgrade to power allowance needed, our chargers effectively work with power starting from 2kw.

Charge your car from solar/wind/hydro/biogas for FREE

Thanks to Smart Power Management functionality EVtrip Smart Charger/Wallbox measures energy generated from any renewables sources you might have (solar/wind/hydro/biogas), energy required for your home or business and charge your electric vehicle only with what is left.

This makes sure that you do not draw any energy from the grid, charge your electric vehicle for free and leave behind no CO2 footprint for real.

Save 40% on charging costs during your trips

Sick of charging your EV during the trips at ridiculously high prices?
EVtrip's Smart Public Chargers Network is different, it is made by EV owners for EV owners where you can charge at the prices similar to your home:
AC charging (22kw): €0.25/kwh (-40%*)
DC charging (60kw): €0.33/kwh (-44%*)

Our network includes 150 000 private and public chargers, check them out by downloading EVtrip mobile app for free.
* comparing with major competitors

Make charging experience at your company's charger seamless

Managing electric vehicle charger for internal company use might be tricky and expensive, you need to have an expensive charger with certified energy meter, that counts energy consumed for each user, then some users have to pay, some not, you have to deploy some kind of tracing system, so your finance can deduct money from employees who suppose to pay for the energy. In short: expensive, complicated, difficult.

EVtrip Smart Charger is different, it has all you need in simple to use mobile app and once installed it is ready to charge and only you decide whether you want to charge for free or for a payment. In both cases same EVtrip Smart Charger will do the work.

What about money? If charger has provided paid charging we collect respective fees for each charging from users' credit card and once a month we send you aggregated compensation you have earned together with the single invoice for the accounting. Nothing can be so simple and smart.

Make your customers happier and let them spend more money and time at your business

Some people charge over the night, some during the work hours, but some can charge at your business and the beauty of EVtrip Smart Charger/Wallbox is that you can interact with such users more (digitally or in person), since charging takes time.

Differentiate your business from competitors by providing seamless electric vehicle charging experience at the right price and benefit from new emerging market of electric vehicles.

Our statistics shows that electric vehicle users spend all the time needed for EV to be charged at our partner's premise because for them having EV fully charged is very important.

What about money? When smart charger provides paid charging service we collect respective fees from each users' credit card and once a month we send you aggregated compensation you have earned together with the single invoice for the accounting. Nothing can be so simple and smart.

EVtrip's Smartest Electric Vehicle Chargers
are at your disposal

We have reinvented chargers taking into account all needs EV owners might have. Our production is located in Europe(Italy) ensuring the highest quality and short delivery terms while remaining the most affordable charger on the market
4x more efficient
All our smart charger wallboxes and towers are so smart, so they effectively manage power available for the charging and charge your EV in up to 4x time faster than traditional chargers
Plug & Charge or Remote controlled
Our smart chargers support both Plug & Charge and Remote/Smart charging modes and you decide which suits your needs best. Even in Plug & Charge mode you still control your charging and can see it details in our mobile App
Solar/Wind/Hydro/ Biogas power management
All our smart chargers are ready to manage renewable energy and let you charge from only these sources only or combine them with grid limits
Grid power management
By default all our smart chargers can manage power available from the grid and protect from excessive power draw and blackouts. We also support dynamic power allowance if your energy provider or/and grid do such service.
Billing and Payments
All our chargers are ready to provide public charging service and only you decide who will use your charger for a payment or free of charge: yourself, your family, your friends, your employees, or anyone else
Simple to use App
All our chargers are managed from simple to use app. It has everything to manage your own charger or access 150 000 private and public chargers in EVtrip network all over the Europe and benefit from charging freedom
Remain in control wherever you are
By default all our chargers have GSM/WiFi connection, so you can remain in control over the charger wherever you are.
Live support over the phone
Our chargers are always connected and we provide live support over the phone and help you with any issue you might have. No physical presence required. We solve 90% of all customer requests within 15 minutes, and 99% issues within one hour.
Over-the-air firmware updates
We constantly update our products and improve their functionality and update your smart charger's firmware over the internet from time-to-time so it is always up to date and ready to charge, exactly like you smart phone.
Fits your electric vehicle
Our smart chargers serve hundreds of different electric vehicles and we make sure that they are fully compliant with each and every EV. EVtrip Smart Chargers perfectly fits even such peculiar car as Tesla which is known for its sensitivity to bad power management and bad chargers.
API, Integration with your system
Our technology allows to seamlessly and painlessly integrate our chargers in any other system such as CRM, ERP, Smart Energy, Mobile application or web application and benefit from all smart features our chargers have
The most affordable on the market
We guaranty that you can not find similar charger at better price than ours smart chargers (wallbox and tower/pole).
Have you found a better deal? We give you money back guarantee if you have found comparable charger at lower cost.

EVtrip Smart Chargers network

Our customers love our products, we grow 10x year-on-year
Last month our Smart Chargers have provided 21MWh of the energy that is equivalent of 150 000km of driving
Small businesses invested in EVtrip Smart Public Chargers have achieved payback period of less than 1 year
Our Smart Chargers sold manage power limits dynamically reducing effective charging time for most of our clients

Get your Smart Electric Vehicle Charger

Don't be afraid, you will select the right charger!
Each and every EVtrip Smart Charger provides all the functionality available with our technology, just pick one and we will help you make sure that it is right what you need.
Our selected customers
Our state of the art smart wallbox, pole/station and services have recently won tenders among these reputable organisations


What are delivery terms?
All our equipment is in stock and available for delivery, usually it takes 7-14 days for your charger to arrive. We deliver all over the EU and the EEU. We will use your payment address as the delivery address, if you want to change the delivery address please contact us via our website or respond to the email with the order confirmation.
What is your return policy?
We follow "30 days return for any reason" policy which means that once you have received your charger, you have 30 days to change your mind and return it for any reason. The shipping costs will be paid by you. Once we receive the charger and check its condition, we will refund you in full. If the returned charger is damaged, we will contact you to agree on the damage compensation amount.
How charger is connected to internet? Does connection cost?
There are 2 ways to connect your charger: over the WiFi and over a GSM network; by default the charger is connected by GSM. Our charger is already equipped with a SIM-card with a data package included (would be enough for appr. 2 years of charger usage or so). Once the initial data package is used, we will ask you to make a 10 EUR payment (excl VAT) to top up your charger's SIM card. If you have a stable WiFi network available, please contact us to get WiFi connection instructions.

Contact us if you still have doubts!

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