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Robust, cost-Effective OCPP Public Station with Remote Operation

EVtrip technology allows you to win public and private tenders for public AC chargers thanks to its extremely cost-efficient OCPP EVSE controller and BoM. All CPMS are supported and EVtrip performs the compatibility test with your desired CMPS.

Thanks to EVT protocol you can provide remote user support, solving most of the issues remotely, premium maintenance service, and self-diagnostic routine.

We were looking for a solution that allows us to conduct diagnosis remotely since our chargers are located in distant places, and thanks to EVtrip CPMS we now can simply update, and diagnose our clients' chargers in seconds.

Key benefits

OCPP 1.6j compatibility

Perfect Compatibility with Leading Charger Protocols.

Cost-efficient bill of materials

Produce up to 2x22kW station using the same controller.

Fully customizable

User-friendly and customizable solutions to best fit your vision.

Smart control

Smart control of your chargers with one click via mobile app or RFID.

Remote diagnosis

Advanced Remote Diagnosis for Ultimate Peace of Mind.

Streamlined operations

All-in-one integrated solution with your ecosystem (CRM, PLM, and many more).

Business growth

Unleash new business opportunities while offering new features to your customers.

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