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Do you want to produce and distribute Smart EV Chargers? Our revolutionary engineered and developed package offers a state of the art Smart Charging controller, back-end Management Platform, mobile applications and know-how, which allows your company to enter and successfully compete in the fast growing e-mobility market.

Benefits working with EVtrip

"Android" of Smart Chargers
ilar to how Android offers the possibility to build your own smartphone and applications, EVtrip technology provides you with a turnkey, holistic solution to build smart electric vehicle chargers: hardware, software and building blocks to provide any smart service you can dream of.
Competence of the IT & RD team
Imagine having an IT & RD department focusing on enhancing your existing products, bringing new features and benefits to your product and making it outstanding from competitors. EVtrip works in a similar way, we focus on Smart EV charging technology and make sure you have state of the art EV charger fitting your specific needs.
Shared benefits of ecosystem
Each production partner we work with brings knowledge, experience and use cases to our technology and each other one benefits from this common knowledge by making less mistakes and spending less resources while focusing primarily on sales and production.

EVtrip's Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Features

Our smart electric vehicle technology provides widest range of smart features and services
Charge smarter
All our smart electric vehicle charging controllers provide load and power management enabling end users to charge in a smart way: faster, economically or environmentally friendly
Plug & Charge or Remote controlled
Our smart electric vehicle charging controllers support both Plug & Charge and Remote/Smart charging modes. So you can use same controller for any customer need.
Solar power management
Chargers with our smart electric vehicle controllers are ready to manage solar power and any other renewable energy source and decide on how to charge: solar only or together with the grid limits
Grid power management
By default our smart electric vehicle controllers can manage power available from the grid and protect from excessive power draw and blackouts. We also support dynamic power limits management if your energy provider or/and grid provides such service.
Billing and Payments
All our smart electric vehicle controllers are ready to provide public charging service with billing and payments integrated in your charger from the start
Simple to use App
Our smart electric vehicle controllers are integrated with EVtrip mobile App for iOS and Android. There Apps have everything end-user needs starting from myCharger management ending with eRoaming with 150 000 public chargers all over the Europe and benefit from charging freedom
Remain in control wherever you are
By default all our smart electric vehicle controllers have GSM/WiFi/Bluetooth connection over EVtrip protocol or OCPP1.6j, so you remain in control over the charger wherever you are
Live support over the phone
Сhargers produced with our controllers are always connected and we provide 2nd line live support over the phone and help deal with issue you might have. No physical presence required
Over-the-air firmware updates
We constantly update our products and improve their functionality and update your smart electric vehicle controllers' firmware over the internet from time-to-time so it is always up to date and ready to charge, exactly like you smart phone
Fits your electric vehicle
Our smart electric vehicle controllers serve hundreds of different electric vehicles and we make sure that they are fully compliant with each and every EV. For example, we perfectly fit even such peculiar car as Tesla which is known for its sensitivity to bad power management and bad chargers.
API, Integration with your system
Our technology allows to seamlessly and painlessly integrate smart electric vehicle controllers in any other system such as CRM, ERP, Smart Energy, Mobile application or web application and benefit from all smart features we have
The most affordable on the market
We guaranty that you can not find similar smart electric vehicle controller at better price than ours. We provide money back guarantee if you did found one!

EVtrip's Smart Charging
technology in figures

Number of chargers deployed so far. Growth 10x year-on-year.
Last month our smart chargers have provided 70MWh of the energy that is equivalent of 300 000 km of driving
Production cost of smart electric vehicle charger with EVtrip's technology inside. Cost includes shell, controller, plug/cable, power relay, MID certified energy meter, auxiliary materials and labour
of all chargers with EVtrip's technology inside using at least one smart feature (power management, payments, remote access, integration etc)

Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Technology

All components to build smart electric vehicle chargers

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